Connecting and Inspiring people through Esports Culture

ESChamp studio is on a mission to inspire and connect people through esports culture. It’s our belief that everyone should be able to pursue their passions. So we explore the meta behind being the best at a game and what it takes to get there and pour our efforts into creating edutainment series for the competitive, dedicated people who make esports their life.


Get Good

Once Upon a time...

In a city far away, a young Drekken wanted to be a Professional Gamer. He dreamed of the god-like South Korean Professionals in their beautiful white jackets and the millions of fans screaming their name. But when he told his parents about his dream, they laughed and told him to stop dreaming of the impossible.

Fast forward to today though he no longer dreams of becoming a Pro Gamer, he created ESChamp to pave the way for other people’s dreams. So no one has to hear the words “it’s impossible”.

How do you guys make money?

Member-driven. We believe the people who pay you are your customers and we always want you the fan to be top of mind when we create something. So our primary way of keeping the lights on is our Crown Club Membership & Crown + YouTube .

These and other community-driven methods help keep us focused on making great content, instead of chasing after advertisers to interrupt your experience.