We produce shows for competitive people who are passionate about esports.

“Stop wasting your time playing video games” they would say. But they didn’t understand that feeling you get when you’ve won a hard fought match, to meet people who are also passionate about the competitive naunces of a game, to feel like you belong. But we do…

ESChamp is a network of shows for the esports obsessed. Our producers and hosts dig up insight and create inspirtation to clear the path for your next win screen.

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Once Upon a time...

In a city far away, a young Drekken wanted to be a Professional Gamer. He dreamed of the god-like South Korean Professionals in their beautiful white jackets and the millions of fans screaming their name. But when he told his parents about his dream, they laughed and told him to stop dreaming of the impossible.

Fast forward to today though he no longer dreams of becoming a Pro Gamer, he created ESChamp to pave the way for other people’s dreams. So no one has to hear the words “it’s impossible”.