ProBots 2022 Season 3 Officially Begins: Groups A-B

Season 3 officially begins – Welcome to the opening matches of Groups A-B

This Thursday November 3, ProBots Season 3 will be kicking off with a bang, as we have the opening matches of groups A and B. Eight bots will face off trying to earn a spot in their group’s winner match. Before we get into the good stuff, if you’re interested in learning about this season’s details, you can do so here.

If you want more information on the season, you can find it on this season’s hub page.

As always, after the games, we’ll have Postbots for members , where hosts Andyman and Endersword are joined by guests to express their thoughts about the games that occurred.


You can find the tournament bracket here.

This Week’s Matches

NegativeZero vs PhantomBot
Spudde vs Xena
MicroMachine vs DominionDog
SharpenedEdge vs Caninana


New ProBots Home : ESChamp ProBots

ProBots is Moving! We wanted to further with ProBots and decided we should give it its own channel along side all other Bot Shows and series we’ve always wanted to explore. You can now Subscribe to the new channel and hit the bell notification and know you’re getting the Bot content you want but of course, if you want regular human StarCraft 2 content, we’re still doing that too!


We’ll also be moving the polls over to the Channel’s community tab once Google enables the feature for the channel in the coming weeks! Stay subscribed to see it

You’ll be able to watch it live on ESChamp ProBots’s YouTube Channel 

Matches Begin  November 3, 2022 7:30 PM

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