Inside The Scene

Why Join A StarCraft 2 Pro Team?

in 2016 Byun won GSL TEAMLESS, he showed the world it was possible but then he went to win WCS global finals.. this time on a team. If it can be done solo, why join a team?

we talked @ShopifyRebellion and @BASILISKgg to find out

The Unexpected Career From Making StarCraft Guides: Monk

Monk was a contributor and guide writer for Team Liquid StarCraft when he decided to take the leap to full-time esports. He was looking for something to make him happier than his finance job but what he found was an unexpected ride that lead him to figure out something about himself.

How Axeltoss Decided to Cast StarCraft 2 Fulltime

On this episode Drekken sits down with commentator & host Alex ‘Axeltoss’ Rodriquez and discuss his path from community caster, to the main desk at MLG handling StarCraft 2 and then over to RCLS hosting Rocket league.

How to Promote Your Tournaments & Building a Community /w Nagata Lock II

In this episode of Inside The Scene, Drekken sits down with Commentator and FGC tournament organizer Justin ‘Nagata Lock II’ Baisden to discuss building a community around your esports activities. Justin has been organizing tournaments for over 20 years and we discuss his origin stories and how that lead him to where he is.