Postbots 2021 S1 – Finals

The final Posbots for the season, producer DrekkSama and Tournament Admin lladdy joins the hosts Endersword and Andyman to discuss their finals thoughts, and how they felt the season went.

PostBot : 2021-S1-LB Round 1 ft Jensiii

On this episode of Postbots, Andyman and Endersword are joined by guests Jensiii to discuss his bot’s performance in the Round of 16, thoughts on LB round 1 and how he thinks Jensiiibot will do in WB Round 2

PostBots: 2021 S1 Round 16 pt 1

ProBots casts and guest discuss the week’s games, thoughts, predictions and overall impressions. This week’s Guests: ladddy & Ketroc