Get To Know The Bots of the Season 3 Finals

On Saturday Dec 7th we head into the finals for 2019 Season 3! Bots have to go through 7 weeks of group stage and the round of 8 to get to this point. Authors each week would adjust and tweak their bots to achieve victory. From 14 to 4 , the competition has been fierce.

Before this weekend, let’s get acquited to each bot and their abilities and weaknesses.

SharpenedEdge – Made by Infy & Merfolk

A protoss bot coded in Python, in fact it has the most lines of code of any Pyhton bot. It’s also the champion of 2019 Season 2!  SharpenedEdge is adept at scouting and macro. Allowing it to spot enemy hidden bases (sorry ThreeWayLover bot, he’ll see that sneaky expansion at the third!). SharpenedEdge is vulnerable when defending against base siege, especially against tempests. It’s natural enemy is Tyr.

MicroMachine – Made by Raph & Unusual

A Terran C++ Bot, MicroMachine is good at applying constant pressure while still macroing and teching up. Using a mech build with Cyclones as its primary unit, keeping its units alive is often the key to winning its matchups. The heavy use of pathfinding within maps allows MicroMachine to meticulously micro its fast units.  We’ve seen MicroMachine struggles to engage in big army fights due to its combat logic sometimes pulling back units like vikings when it shouldn’t.

JensiiiBot – Made by Jensiii

Jensiiibot is a Python bot that plays Terran bio. It’s a macrobot that plays for the long game. Jensiiibot bases all its decisions off of what it scouts.  Pull off timing attacks with TvP medivac-stim timing being the strongest of its builds. We’ve seen this season that it is also capable of doing liberator harass . Jensiibot decision making really comes into play in big army fights where it creates ideal compsitions to counter based on scouting information. Jensiii bot’s biggest weakness is it sometimes plays too passivily allowing other bots time to build up.

Tyr – Made by Simon Prins

Considered one of the scariest bot’s this season. Many Bots struggle to tackle this behemoth. Losing only to ANIbot and SharpenedEdge. It’s not hard to see why. This C# bot boasts some of the most builds per match up in the whole tournament. With over 4 options per match up. Tyr is agressive, tricky and prepared to tackle a wide variety of situations. Tyr is the kind of bot that if you take your eye off of it , you’ll find your natural blocked off leaving your bot scrambling to figure what to do next or worst forced to react predicatbilty to Tyr’s many traps.  This bot uses meta knowledge of other bot’s as a strong advantage.

We’ll see how they all do this weekend!

Tune in or come to the finals to find out!

Get To Know The Bots of the Season 3 Finals