Secure Easy Wins with Astrea’s PvZ Blink All-in

  0:17   Pylon
  0:40   Gateway
  0:52   Assimilator
  1:25   Nexus
  1:38   Cybernetics Core
  1:45   Assimilator
  1:53   Pylon
  2:12   Adept (Chrono Boost)
  2:15   Warp Gate
  2:23   Twilight Council
  2:33   Stalker (Chrono Boost)
  2:55   Robotics Facility
  3:13   Blink (Chrono Boost)
  3:15   Gateway
  3:25   Adept
  3:37   Pylon
  3:41   Warp Prism (Chrono Boost)
  3:52   Pylon
  4:04   Adept
  4:07   Assimilator
  4:09   Adept
  4:14   Observer
  4:22   Gateway x3
  4:27   Gateway
  4:37   Gateway
  4:44   Stalker x2
  4:51   Pylon
  5:10   Stalker x2
  5:18   Stalker x2
  5:29   Stalker x2
  5:31   Observer
  5:36   Stalker
  5:54   Observer
  6:17   Adept
  6:39   Zealot
  6:49   Adept
  7:17   Observer
  7:32   Gateway
  7:35   Zealot
  7:36   Adept
  7:43   Observer
  8:06   Observer
  8:07   Zealot x3
  9:00   Observer
  9:22   Zealot

Do you want to dominate the Protoss vs Zerg early game and secure a win before the mid-game? Look no further than this 2 base blink all-in from Astrea. This build is not only effective, but it’s also a great way to practice your blink skills and timing your warp gates. With this build, you’ll be able to punish your opponents and secure early game wins!


As with all good PvZ Build Orders, we’re starting with the 1 Gate Fast Expand Opening. 14 Pylon, 16 Gateway, 17 Gas, 20 Nexus, 20 Cybercore, 21 second gas, and 22 second pylon. If you want to be extra annoying, you can do a Hatchery Block with your probe on certain maps, by scouting after the pylon instead of the gateway. An adept will be the first unit of choice for more scouting.

First Tech Option:

Unlike most good PvZ Builds, our first Tech option will be the Twilight instead of the Stargate at 2:25. Keep in mind that this means you’re less safe against any weird All-ins Zerg could throw at you. You’re not automatically dead, but a speedling all-in, for example, will be much harder to defend. To protect against Baneling busts as well as getting rid of overlords, we’re getting a Stalker after the Adept.

Robo and Blink:

The Twilight is then followed up by the Robo at 2:55 to get the Prism and Observer out later. We finish out the wall at 3:15, and at 3:20, it’s time for the star of the show: The Blink upgrade. In total, we’ll be chrono boosting the Blink upgrade two times!

Preparing the Attack:

After the important Warpgate upgrade has finished, we’re getting a second adept, and when the robo finishes, we’re getting a chrono boosted Prism, followed by warping in 2 more adepts. With these 4 adepts in total, we’re moving out on the map to fake a much more common glaives attack while we’re adding extra pylons, starting the observer, getting the third gas, and getting ALL OF THE EXTRA GATEWAYS… 5, at 4:20.

Executing the Attack:

Astrea is doing his adept shenanigans to distract the zerg and potentially get some damage done while he’s stockpiling on pylons at home, preparing for the inevitable. With constant Stalker Warpins and the big Gateway explosion kicking in, Astrea hits a blink timing at 6 minutes, with 14 Stalkers and 4 adepts with 41 probes at home.

The key to this attack is to avoid taking damage on the stalkers, kiting away from lings, and avoiding hard engagements unless you sense weakness. Astrea focuses on using chokes and blinking big chunks of units back while running away with the rest. The idea is that if the zerg played it correctly with a relatively low drone count, your stalker count will snowball out of control if you don’t lose any. Of course, that means if your opponent overdroned, you can just kill them. Neat, right? And those 4 adepts? Send them to a mineral line of your choice and force your opponent to react to them.

Until next time champs, good luck and have fun!