The Spicy Trap Build That BEAT Serral

What’s up Champs, it’s HolyHit with another Protoss versus Zerg Build Order! With the new patch 5.0.9, it’s time for some new styles. It’s time to get out of our comfort zone! And man do I have a build order for you that will most definitely do exactly that. You won’t be seeing any Stargates here.

Instead, We’ll be showing you the spiciest Macro Build Order you can go for in PvZ – The Disruptor Drop.

Don’t get me wrong though, just because it’s spicy doesn’t mean it can’t net you some solid wins, as you will be seeing from today’s Replay, where the legend himself Trap won against non-other than Serral. And let’s be real – If it works vs Serral, it’s definitely good enough for us.

Every Macro Protoss vs Zerg Build Order starts with one standard Opening – The 1 Gate Fast Expand. However, this opening has some deviations, as Trap here is showing us with the 13 Pylon probe scout, which attempts to block the Zergs Natural expansion. While this delays your second probe, it also allows you to go for a quicker Chronoboost.

The rest of the Opening follows the standard procedure – At 16 Supply we get the Gateway, 17 Supply we get the Gas, 20 Supply the beautiful Nexus, also on 20 Supply the Cybercore, followed by the Gas at 21, and the second pylon at 22.

The two Chronoboosts you have saved up will then be divided on the nexus and the gateway, which Trap uses to start a Stalker. The Stalker is being built to hinder the Zerg from scouting. On the other hand, it doesn’t allow for a lot of scouting on your side of things, which an Adept first would be much better at. Together with this build being less safe against potential allins due to lacking a Stargate, you can make the choice of which unit you want first

At 27 Supply, or at 2:25 ingame time, it’s time for our main Tech path – The Robotics Facility. Isn’t it just great to see a robo first in PvZ? In the meantime, the Stalker gets followed up by the second gateway unit, in this case, the Adept. At 3:07, 37 Supply, or whenever it can be afforded, the second gateway will finish up the wall off. With the robo finishing shortly afterwards, the robotics bay is added instantly, and a second adept is started. As soon as the resources allow, a Warp Prism will need to be built and instantly Chronoboosted. Afterwards, as soon as you can, the two gasses will be added at the natural between 3:40 and 4 minutes, and while Trap is not forgetting to also add those necessary pylons to not get supply blocked, the Warp Prism will be used together with the 2 adepts to move over the map. Also, you’ll need an observer out of your robo to help keep the creep at bay. 2 more Adepts will be warped in at home, and the four adepts join up to do some small harassment on the Zerg side of the map.

With the Robotics Bay done, Warp Prism speed together with the first disruptor is started, and while some harassment is going on with the adepts, 2 more Gateways at 4:55, 2 Sentries with the Extra gas and one more gateway with a forge at 5:20 will be built. This will also mark the time Trap comes home to pick up the two disruptors and starts the colossus and colossus range, which will allow him to take a third base. A twilight at 5:35 will then complete the main build.

Now, this is the time where you can flex your multitask muscles – Trap here is showing us how to harass with adepts, while keeping the Zerg busy with the Disruptor drop, potentially getting huge damage done. At home, he is getting his upgrades and his third base with the colossus at 6:10, which will then mark the transition.



With the harassment working out well, the third base at 6:10 makes a lot of sense, and with this build forcing out a low economy game, due to the Zerg having to defend and rebuild drones, a blink-based army works wonders with Disruptor and Colossus support.

This means, if the harassment works out great, the transition is fairly simple – Probe up the third base, get that healthy Gateway count going, which means 8 Gateways, and go for a push at around 8 Minutes when Blink and +1 Finish with 3 Colossi, 2 Disruptors, 4 sentries full of energy and around 11 Stalkers.

And while Trap is showing us his decisive Micro with this push, abusing the high range of the colossi together with the immense danger of the disruptors, we can think about what to do if the harassment doesn’t go that well, or the build order isn’t performed perfectly. While what we are seeing is the best-case scenario, one key thing you want to keep in mind is that as long as Zerg doesn’t have a hive, your mid-game Stalker army with robo support will on even supply be stronger than the Zerg army. So if you feel like you can’t trade well at 8 Minutes like Trap is doing because Zerg has too much, just make sure that you hit a timing before Hive with an army that is close to 200 supply. Alternatively, you can also transition to a late-game army composition when you feel like you can’t hit a high supply timing before their hive finishes.

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