Date: 🕐 Saturday, Dec 7th – 1:00 PM EST
Location: The Hive Esports, Toronto, Canada
Twitch Channel: ESChamp



I am going to assume since you’re reading this you’ve been watching some of this season’s ProBots.  We’ve seen a lot of straight-up nutty things. Such as bots that are known for their micro going full macro and our first nuke!

Now we are heading towards the finals! The bracket is up and the round of 8 decided. 4 of these bots will make into the finals.

Soooo…! I want you to join us in celebrating the best of competitive AI. Not only for the finals but for the Team ProBot vs Team Humanity’s Hope exhibition.

RSVP your attendance to the event, we are using a Pay-What-You-Can ticket. If you love ProBots and believe it should continue, send us what you can.

We also know members of our audience are from everywhere in the world and might not be able to make it. Don’t worry we’ll be streaming it live on Twitch for you.

ProBots 2019 Season 3 Finals Info