ProBots Starts This Week

This week starting on October 17th, marks the start of the 3rd season of ProBots for this year. We’ve got 14 bots entered, some new and some old but all trying to claim victory.

Watching ProBots

If you want to catch it live, make sure you tune in to our Twitch channel to see the games. You can also set a reminder on Twitch for all the ProBot events so you don’t forget.

This season, on top of the rebroadcast we’ll also be providing VODs shortly after the broadcast to our Crown Club Members (patrons). You’ll get the edited VOD first before the general public.

Not able to become a member? Don’t worry everyone will still get access to the VOD a week after it airs from the ESChamp website.

with that out of the way we hope you’re as excited as we are for this new season!


ProBots Starts This Week