Bits of Code

Bits of Code

The StarCraft 2 A.I Programming Series, Bits of explores how to program your own custom Bot using, Pysc2 & Python and other languages in order to compete.

Creating A Reinforcement Learning Terran Bot

in this episode Steven takes what we learned about Machine learning to show you how to make your own Terran Machine Learning bot.

What Is Reinforcement Learning?

In this episode of Bits of Code, Steven goes through Reinforcement as it pertains to StarCraft and creating your bot.

What Your SC2 Bot Can Do

In this episode, Steven shows us what your PySC2 Bot can do in StarCraft 2.

What Your SC2 Bot Can See || Bits of Code – 2

In this episode, Steven takes us through the different interfaces your bot uses to see the world of StarCraft 2. Keep up with Bits of […]

How to Make a Simple Zerg Bot in PySc2

PySC2 Developer Steven Brown takes us through the steps of putting together a zerg bot that can beat the easy AI.