Just Play Like

Just Play Like

The Series that takes a look at StarCraft 2’s most creative and unorthodox players to understand how to just play like them

From Cheese to Anime, Has The Chaotic Protoss

For the last episode of Just Play Like , we speak to Protoss known for his wild strategies. Has, and discuss with him how he came to play the way that he does.

Nero on Improving Through The StarCraft Ladder

DrekkSama sits down with The StarCraft 2 Zerg professor of respect Neuro who is known for his mentality and mindset approach to the game. In this episode we discuss parallels between Poker and SC2, how to measure progress without the ladder and turning sc2 into Self Improvement for your life.

Bly on Becoming an Adaptable Zerg Player

DrekkSama sits down with The StarCraft 2 Pro Zerg @BlyOnFire who is known for his off-meta zerg builds. They discuss preparing for opponents, adapting to situations and dealing with emotion while competing.

Just Play Like is a series that interviews the unorthodox players of SC2 and finds out the method behind the madness

RuFF on Finding The Ultimate Terran Late Game

DrekkSama sits down with @RuFF STuFF , a StarCraft 2 Terran Player who has the nickname the Terran mad scientist, focusing on micro over macro and creating off-meta builds.

Just Play Like is a series that interviews the unorthodox players of SC2 and finds out the method behind the madness

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Florencio on Turning Stress Into Big Brain Protoss Strategies

DrekkSama sits down with Florencio , a StarCraft 2 Protoss turned Random player. Nicknamed the sewer mermaid because his strategies and tactics make people feel filthy when they play against it, we dig in on how to Just Play Like him.

How Ketroc Beats GrandMasters with 63 APM

Sitting down with Terran Masters player Ketroc to discuss how he comes up with and thinks through his mass raven, planetary fortresses rush and other quirky Terran strategies.

Printf Reveals His Art Of Cannon Rushing

DrekkSama sits down with Printf, a top StarCraft 2 GM cannon rusher and discusses how he Cannon rushes and tips for those who would follow in his footsteps.