Postbots is the show AFTER probots, where hosts Andyman and Endersword are joined by guests to breakdown previous episodes of ProBots

How to Survive a Bot Drone rush and Andyman’s Last Chance for Points? – 2021 S3 LB 2

Drekken joins Ketroc and Andyman and discuss the LB round 2, the crew discuss Zoe vs spudde and Dovakhiin’s drone rush. Andyman’s hail mary predictions for the fantasy bracket get explored.

The Building That Ended The Match and Why MicroMachine Doesn’t Like Adepts – 2021 S3 R8

RaphRR and Unsusual join Andyman & Drekken as they discuss Probots 2021 S3 Round 8 and their changes to MicroMachine to fight negativeZero. The cause of the outcome in the match between BenBotBC and Eris get’s a Deeper Look. Also Anime Poses.

Whalemean Crash Explained and Building of a Better Four Gate – 2021 S3 LB Round 1

Sharknice joins hosts on the show to explain the mystery of the Game 3 between Whalemean and ANIBot. Analysis of the LB Round 1 of 2021 and the doom of Andyman’s prediction bracket.

Widowmines that won’t burrow, SoupCatcher talks about Zoe and Trivia [2021 S3 – R16 pt 2]

SoupCatcher joins hosts to talk about zoe, we break down the games from 2021 Season 3 – Round of 16 Part 2 and add some trivia

Sharpened Edge vs BenBot Ridiculous Game 3 Throw, Predictions & more

On this episode of Postbots Drekken, Ketroc, and Endersword talk Sharpened Edge vs Benbot’s Hard left turn, and discuss fantasy bracket predictions

PostBots 2021 Season 2 – LB Finals – ft Ketroc & Drekken

Producer Drekken and Bot Author Ketroc join Andyman and Endersword to discuss the LB finals games and the upcoming Grand Finals as well as some insight on the Humans vs Bots

PostBots 2021 Season 2: WB-Semi-finals – Ft. MicroMachine’s Creators

Andyman and Endersword are joined by MicroMachine’s Creator’s RalphRR and Unusual to discuss their bot’s performance in the WB Semi finals aswell as the upcoming round Finals matches.

PostBots 2021 Season 2 – LB Round 2

Guests Producer – Drekken & Bot Author Ketroc Join Andyman and Endersword to discuss the LB Round of 8. Drekken gives a bit of background of upcoming plans and Ketroc drops predictions on how his bot will do in the upcoming semi finals

Postbots – 2021 Season 2 – Round of 8

Tyr and ProBot3000 Join Andyman and endersword to discuss the Round of 8 matches and how Tyr will do in his upcoming games

Postbots – 2021 Season 2 LB Round 1

In this week of Postbot Andyman and Ketroc meet with Guest bot author Sharknice to discuss Sharkbot’s origins and performance and we take another look at Lower Bracket Round 1’s matches