Ranked is the starcraft 2 series where we get behind a pro player and understand how they play

The Clues to Cannon Rushing Like a Grand Master

5K Cannon Rusher TurkeyDano joins Drekken & @NanMan to show us how to make salty opponents on the ladder.

Pro Terran Strategies to CRUSH Protoss Robo Units

Talking Kelazhur as he explains how to deal with Robo units from TvP

How Zerg Pros Outsmart Mech

How Zerg Pros Takedown Terran Mech. Drekken, NanMan are joined by guest PandaBearMe to go over the Pro Games from Dreamhack Atlanta 2022 and analyze the ZvT games.

Trigger’s Strongest Build to Beat Protoss 2 Gate

On this episode Protoss Player Trigger as he takes us through his build to stop Protoss 2 Gate

3 Lessons From Classic to Make PvZ Easier

In this episode, HolyHit Analyzes Classic’s games from King of Battles 3 against Zerg players to find out how to stop Macro Timings.

PiLiPiLi Explains his Greedy Protoss Builds against Zerg in Dreamhack Winter – Ranked #4

In this episode of Ranked we sit down with Protoss player PiLiPiLi and discuss his recent run through Dreamhack Winter 2020 against Zerg Players JonSnow, Scarlett, Namshar.

What Pro Terrans are doing in TvT with TerranCraft – Ranked #3

In this episode of Ranked, Drekken & TheDoctor sit down with Max from TerranCraft to go over what Pro Terrans are doing in recent games.