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StarCraft 2’s MOST EFFICIENT Hotkey Setup: THE CORE ft. JaKaTaK | Just A-Move

We explore the hotkey setup called The Core , the benefits and drawbacks. Should you change your hotkey setup?

In this episode of Just-A-Move, Drekken takes a look into the history and benefits of using The Core hotkey setup for improved efficiency in StarCraft 2! This video features special guest JaKaTaK, original lead of the team who started and maintains The Core.

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Everything you need to get started with TheCore
Core Main: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ui2HNwaUa4FkHzRwATgXHNVEpolLNOzA
Core Lite : https://github.com/bobo38/TheCoreLite

Just A-Move is a weekly show where we search out practical advice from experts on how to improve in StarCraft 2 that you can put into practice.

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