Competitive A.I

PostBots 2021 Season 2 – LB Round 2

Guests Producer – Drekken & Bot Author Ketroc Join Andyman and Endersword to discuss the LB Round of 8. Drekken gives a bit of background of upcoming plans and Ketroc drops predictions on how his bot will do in the upcoming semi finals

ProBots 2021 Season 2 – LB Round 1

ProBots 2021 Season 2 is underway and this is the Lower Bracket Round 1 featuring games from : DominionDog BenBot AdditionalPylons ,PrismBeams , spudde , ANIBot , VeTerran , CreepMind

Postbots – 2021 Season 2 LB Round 1

In this week of Postbot Andyman and Ketroc meet with Guest bot author Sharknice to discuss Sharkbot’s origins and performance and we take another look at Lower Bracket Round 1’s matches