Competitive A.I

Bits of Code: What Makes a Champion Bot

In this episode, the bot builders behind the champion bot MicroMachine, Raphrr and Unusual, go in-depth into the challenges and technicalities of building their Terran AI for StarCraft 2.

Probots 2019 Season 3: Group Stage Day 6

Group A Tyr vs SharpenedEdge MadBot vs MicroMachine Jensiiibot vs ImpulseCloud Group B Paul vs TheCinderBlock ThreeWayLover vs AdditionalPylons Kagamine vs TheCinderBlock Strelok vs Paul

Probots 2019 Season 3 – Group Stage Day 5

Group A Tyr vs ImpulseCloud SharpenedEdge vs ANIbot MadBot vs Tyr MicroMachine vs ImpulseCloud Group B Paul vs AdditionalPylons ThreeWayLover vs m1ndb0t-2.0 AdditionalPylons vs Kagamine