Secure Easy Wins with Astrea’s PvZ Blink All-in

Build Order   0:17   Pylon   0:40   Gateway   0:52   Assimilator   1:25   Nexus   1:38   Cybernetics Core   1:45   Assimilator   1:53   Pylon   2:12   Adept (Chrono Boost)   2:15   Warp Gate   2:23 [...]

The SAFE Way To Deal With Protoss Cheese

Holy hit takes us through DNS’s Protoss vs Protoss Stargate opener against Showtime from the EPT group stages. Showing you how to pull off this safe non-cheesy macro build.

Do Showtime’s Macro PvZ WITHOUT Voidrays

bringing you a PvZ build by the most well rounded Protoss player our race has – ShowTime. It’s going to be safe, sound, easy to follow, and most importantly – Not be a double Stargate Void Ray Build.

Easy MMR with MaxPax’s Protoss vs Terran DT Opener

You want a macro PvT build that offers a lot of freedom, a high potential Skill Ceiling while also basically being a Free win if you do it right? HolyHit takes you through how to perform Maxpax’s Macro DT opener from his replay against Big Gabe himself, HeroMarine in Dreamhack