starcraft 2

Secure Easy Wins with Astrea’s PvZ Blink All-in

Build Order   0:17   Pylon   0:40   Gateway   0:52   Assimilator   1:25   Nexus   1:38   Cybernetics Core   1:45   Assimilator   1:53   Pylon   2:12   Adept (Chrono Boost)   2:15   Warp Gate   2:23 [...]

How Zerg Pros Outsmart Mech

How Zerg Pros Takedown Terran Mech. Drekken, NanMan are joined by guest PandaBearMe to go over the Pro Games from Dreamhack Atlanta 2022 and analyze the ZvT games.

How Serral Pulled Off the Unlikely Comeback

In the StarCraft 2 match of the year, Serral goes up against Showtime in the TSL 9 Winner Bracket Finals. The game goes longer than 40 mins with just Serral at 48 supply… but how did he win?