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Tag: starcraft 2

Being an LGBTQ Pro Player ft Nina

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Ranked #1 – Zerg vs Mech and Cannons
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How to improve mechanics in StarCraft 2
Improving in StarCraft starts with good fundamental mechanics. Article discussed:
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StarCraft 2 – How to Use A SRS To Practice From Replays
Fighting Frog shows us how to use an SRS (Spaced Repetition Software) like Anki to practice StarCraft 2 Tactics you learn from replays or elsewhere. An SRS is like a digital flashcard and using it can help reinforce your memory so you can remember what to do and when to do it. Download Anki for [...]
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StarCraft Stories – Kelazhur

Kelazhur’s Story is a documentary about the Brazillian Terran’s journey in StarCraft II. After a defeat from Snute at DreamHack Valencia, Kelazhur is forced to focus his attention on Dreamhack Montreal and the obstacles ahead. This is that story.

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