starcraft 2

The SAFE Way To Deal With Protoss Cheese

Holy hit takes us through DNS’s Protoss vs Protoss Stargate opener against Showtime from the EPT group stages. Showing you how to pull off this safe non-cheesy macro build.

Which SC2 Tournament Was the Greatest Ever?

In this first episode of Comms chat (new series), Drekken, Caerwyn and Andyman discuss what are the best StarCraft tournaments of days gone by. In this show we discuss topics voted on by the community regarding StarCraft 2 esports

This is How You WIN Battles in StarCraft 2

Even if you learn to build orders, it’s no good if you don’t know how to use your army. HolyHit is here to give you the 3 rules to taking an Engagement in StarCraft 2 and help you win every fight.